Let us answer drone questions you may have.


Aerial film and photography can be almost limitless with our CAA approved pilots.

Does weather effect your ability to fly?

Yes. The equipment is filled with sensitive electronics. If there is rain or snow, we cannot fly the craft. Winds over 12mph are problematic, mostly for highly stable video, but also for flight. We keep a close eye on forecasting and usually know a few days in advance if we can proceed, we always endeavor to find another suitable date to suit our clients needs.

Can the camera on the drone be controlled from the ground?

Yes, we can control all aspects of the cameras settings, direction, pan, tilt etc. We can also produce a live feed to allow clients to see what the camera sees as it happens.

What times can you fly?

We can fly anytime between dawn and dusk.

What format do you provide outputs?

Video: Real 4K video or full HD – 1920 x 1080 down to standard definition (720 x 480 widescreen)

Stills: 12MP Wide: 4000×3000 pixels
For file delivery, we can provide a Micro SDHC memory chip on site, or can provide any other form of electronic storage device on request.

How long can you fly for?

Our drones are all battery powered and can fly for up to 14 minutes depending on weather conditions. That is more than enough time to get multiple shots while in the air. Battery changeover only takes a few minutes and we’re back up in the air. We come to the location with many fully-charged batteries. As long as we have access to a power outlet, we can keep our recharger running all day long and rotate batteries.

How much setup time is required?

We can be up and running in about 20 minutes. That gives us enough time for safety checks and for other preflight considerations. This is one of the biggest advantages of our kind of equipment over traditional aerial photography methods.

Are we insured for every flight?

Yes. We carry £2 million in public liability on a standard shoot, and that can be increased if necessary (additional fee).

Can anyone fly a drone?

No, all our pilots are fully licensed and BNUC-S qualified with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approval to fly. Please refrain from using any other pilots who are not able to provide the relevant qualifications, this is both illegal and would void any insurance you have.

How high and how far can you fly?

Yes. For safety, we only fly line-of-sight, typically a horizontal distance of 500m. And we will not exceed a height of 400 feet. The radio is capable of safely operating at a much further distances, is guided by up to seven GPS satellites (depending on weather conditions), and the rigs contain fail-safe systems for automatically returning to base location should something to wrong in the air.

Can you fly over crowds?

We will not fly directly over a crowd, but we can get great angle shots of crowds from safe distances. The pilot reserves discretion to adjust the flight lines for the shot to always take safety as the prime consideration.